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Complaints and Disputes

The process of responding to and addressing complaints and disputes is an integral part of ABAC Certification’s client relations.

It is ABAC Certification policy that complaints and appeals shall be handled within a reasonable timescale and as transparently as possible, whilst fully respecting principles and requirements of confidentiality and impartiality and will not result in any discriminatory actions.

Complaints about ABAC Certification service or processes.

Complaints shall be submitted to Scheme Manager at huma.k@abacgroup.com or on-line form. The received complaints will receive acknowledgment, a review of the issue will be initiated, and a response will be made by a person independent of the issue.

Complaints about a company certified by ABAC Certification.

ABAC Certification involvement in complaints against certified companies is limited to review and evaluation of whether the company is in compliance with the requirements of certification and requiring appropriate action as a result. ABAC Certification will not become involved in individual cases of dispute. Complaints shall be submitted via email huma.k@abacgroup.com or on-line form.

Complaint and Appeal Resolving Process

• Complaints shall be submitted via email Scheme Manager at huma.k@abacgroup.com or on-line form.

• To assist in this process, complaints lodged should include all the required information.

• Receipt of a submitted complaint or appeal will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt.

• ABAC Certification will investigate the allegations and specify all its proposed actions in conclusion to the

complaint or appeal.

•ABAC Certification will provide a proposed corrective action and request Complainant to comment within 15 calendar days. If there is no response from the Complainant within 1-month complaint shall be considered closed.

• In case additional time is required to resolve the complaint, ABAC Certification will keep the complainant informed of progress in evaluating the complaint;

• ABAC Certification will finally notify the complainant when the complaint is closed.



Managing Director ABAC Center of Excellence Limited                                                                            

CRI-POL-012, Rev. 2.0, Date 28-01-2019                                             

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