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That’s a meritorious and proactive approach. \nHowever\, unfortunately\, even the best approach exercised is foolproof. Let’s say you reduced the organisational risks by introducing anti-bribery anti-corruption policies in place and screening your trustworthy partners and employees. But suddenly you come to find out that your organisation is involved in the bribery scheme. Imagine this – the phone does not stop ringing\, the scandal is all over the news\, your organisation’s brand reputation is at risk and some jobs are at stake. How should you address this situation? \nIn this webinar\, we answer what to do in the first 48 hours after discovered bribery\, how to prepare for such crisis management and finally\, how to manage the risks more effectively and minimise the chances of such a situation happening at all. Learn directly from the industry experts – Zafar Anjum\, CEO at ABAC® and its parent organisation CRI Group\, and Robert Youill\, Executive Director at Key Risk Consulting Asia\, talking about the steps you have to take in the next 48 hours after bribery discovered concerning your organisation and how to identify the gaps in your existing anti-bribery anti-corruption management system. Watch this free session where we look at bribery and corruption from another point of view. \n\n\n\n\nDURING THIS WEBINAR YOU WILL…\n\nDiscuss what companies can and must do internally when bribery is discovered\nHow a properly structured anti-bribery programme can significantly benefit a company when addressing the discovered bribery\nReceive the complimentary action list to tackle the bribery and corruption crisis\nEngage in a live Q&A session\n\n\nWATCH TH \nE WEBINAR RECORDING NOW! \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGet more CPD points with our webinar video!\nContinuing Professional Development (CPD) ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up to date. You are more aware of the changing trends and directions in your profession. … If you stand still you will get left behind\, as the currency of your knowledge and skills becomes out-dated. Anyone who works within a sector that is formally regulated (e.g. by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or Financial Conduct Authority)\, is likely to be required to track and progress their CPD in order to maintain their license to practice or professional qualifications. At ABAC® we believe that formal training is important\, but CPD encompasses any form of activities from which you learn and develop. … CPD is important because you continue to learn and develop\, keeping skills and knowledge up to date so you are able to practice safely and effectively throughout your career. \n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWHO SHOULD ATTEND?\nTarget professionals include top-level management positions and specialists having expertise in: \n\nManagement (including Risk\, Quality\, Health\, Safety and Environment Management)\nCompliance and Ethics\nLegal Practises and Counseling\nInternal Audit\nInternal Control\nFinance\nSupply Chain\nProcurement\nOperations\n\n\nINTENDED SECTORS\n\nAirlines/Aviation\nSupermarkets\nFood Production\nInvestment Banking\nConsumer Goods\nElectrical/Electronic Manufacturing\nImport and Export\nBusiness Supplies & Equipment\nLogistics and Supply Chain\nConsumer Services\nInformation Technology & Services\nGovernment Administration\nHospitality\nLegal Services\nFood & Beverages\nOil & Energy\nHospital & Health Care\nPharmaceuticals\nMedical Devices\nInternational Trade & Development\nDefence & Space\nFacilities Services\nOutsourcing/Offshoring\nGovernment Relations\nTelecommunications\nInformation Services\nBanking\nInsurance\nFinancial Services\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWEBINAR SPEAKERS\nZAFAR ANJUM | Group Chief Executive Officer | Corporate Research and Investigations Limited and ABAC® Center of Excellence Limited\ne: | t: +44 (0)7588 454959\nZafar Anjum is founder and Group CEO at CRI Group\, a global due diligence firm focused on fraud prevention and security among corporate clients\, government agencies and industry groups\, and its ABAC® Center of Excellence – an independent certification body\, established to provide certification and training in internationally recognised ISO standards for risk\, compliance\, anti-bribery and anti-corruption management.\nZafar Anjum uses his extensive knowledge and expertise in creating stable and secure networks across challenging global markets. For organisations needing large project management\, security\, safeguard and real-time compliance applications\, Zafar Anjum is the assurance expert of choice for industry professionals. \n\n\n\n\nROBERT YOUILL | Executive Director | Key Risk Consulting Asia\nRobert Youill is the founder and Executive Director of Key Risk Consulting Asia. Robert is a highly qualified and experienced corporate sector risk and investigations expert with over 35 years of senior-level experience in investigations and risk consulting. He has extensive expertise in corporate risk strategies including the development and management of anti-bribery programmes\, the investigation of complex fraud\, embezzlement\, corruption and other serious criminal activity within the private sector. During his career\, Robert has worked with many of the world’s best known Fortune 100 companies in numerous countries both within and outside Asia. He has significant experience in designing\, building and managing corporate risk programmes across numerous disciplines. \nWATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING NOW! \n\nORGANISERS\nAnti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABAC®) Center of Excellence – an independent certification body established for ISO 37001:2016 ABMS\, and powered by CRI Group. The Center provides ISO 37001 certification services\, accredited by the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC) and The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). ABAC® trusted experts have years of hands-on and business experience – they bring the subject matter to life with relevant and contemporary examples. \nBased in London\, CRI Group works with companies across the Americas\, Europe\, Africa\, Middle East and Asia-Pacific as a one-stop international Risk Management\, Employee Background Screening\, Business Intelligence\, Due Diligence\, Compliance Solutions and other professional Investigative Research solutions provider. We have the largest proprietary network of background-screening analysts and investigators across the Middle East and Asia. Our global presence ensures that no matter how international your operations are we have the network needed to provide you with all you need\, wherever you happen to be. CRI Group also holds BS 102000:2013 and BS 7858:2012 Certifications\, is an HRO certified provider and partner with Oracle. Contact CRI Group today for further information on how CRI Group can help your business. \n\n\n\n\n\n\nGET IN TOUCH\nTo request further information about the webinar on anti-bribery anti-corruption solutions\, kindly contact: \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNor Hidaya Aziz\nOffice Manager\ne:\nm: +603 2280 6282\nKuala Lumpur\, Malaysia \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n  \nJOIN OUR MAILING LIST\nReceive exclusive discounts\, offers and upcoming agenda updates directly to your inbox. \nSUBSCRIBE \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDownload WordPress Themes FreeDownload Premium WordPress Themes FreePremium WordPress Themes DownloadDownload Best WordPress Themes Free Downloadfree download udemy coursedownload karbonn firmwarePremium WordPress Themes Downloadfree online course URL: ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR