ISO 37002 Lead Implementer Course

ABAC® ISO 37002 Lead Implementer training course is designed for a key player in any organisation involved in establishing, revising, implementing, and maintaining the whistleblowing program. Whilst ensuring the program is aligned with the international best practices and improving the ethical and speak-up culture in the organisation.

Who should attend?

  • Managers, consultants, and compliance officers wishing to get introduced and understand the ISO 37002 guidelines for WMS
  • Individuals wishing to contribute to maintaining organisational integrity by supporting speak-up culture
  • Managers and members of governance, risk management, and compliance teams
  • Compliance, risk and legal team considering implementing ISO 37002 within the organisation
  • Compliance and integrity department responsible for dealing with whistleblowing cases
  • Governing bodies with accountability for the organisation


There are no prerequisites to participate in this training course. The course incorporates ISO 37002 Foundation training course meaning no prior knowledge is required.

Expected learning outcomes of ISO 37002 Lead Implementer Course?

  • Understand the benefits of implementing ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management Systems
  • Attain knowledge of the key clauses and definitions outlined in ISO 37002
  • Learn how implementing ISO 37002 can protect the whistleblowers
  • Able to implement ISO 37002 effectively within an organisation
  • Identify the effective mechanism to implement ISO 37002 within an organisation
  • Track KPI to measure the success of whistleblowing program based on ISO 37002 guidelines
  • Understand how to review and continually improve the management system
  • Learn how to receive, assess, address and conclude whistleblowing cases

ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Lead Implementer Course Outline

Fundamental of ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management Systems

  • Unit 1: Overview of ISO 37002 WMS and terminology
  • Unit 2: Understanding the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle
  • Unit 3: The Scope of ISO 37002 WMS

Roles, risk, assess and address the report of wrongdoing

  • Unit 4: Roles, responsibilities, risk and opportunities
  • Unit 5: How reports of misconduct are received and assessed
  • Unit 6: Addressing issues in investigations and protecting the subject

Identify the effective mechanism for deploying a whistleblowing program based on ISO 37002 guidelines

  • Unit 7: ISO 37002 guideline and the mechanism for receiving reports of wrongdoing
  • Unit 8: ISO 37002 guideline and the mechanism for assessing reports of wrongdoing
  • Unit 9: ISO 37002 guideline and the mechanism for addressing reports of wrongdoing
  • Unit 10: ISO 37002 guideline and the mechanism for concluding reports of wrongdoing

Measuring the effectiveness of whistleblowing program

  • Unit 11: Identifying metrics to measure the success of whistleblowing program
  • Unit 12: Reviewing the effectiveness of the whistleblowing program, non-conformities and corrective action
  • Unit 13: The Whistleblower Protection Act – Country Specific

The ABAC® training course is participant centred and contains

  • Highly Interactive Session, with a bilateral approach to the subject matter, allowing participants to share incidences at respective work locations.
  • Essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes
  • Interaction between participants through questions and suggestions


  • Lecture, role play, case study, discussion, and video clips


ABAC® provide several training delivery options based on your suitability:

  • Virtual Training: Interactive virtual classroom conducted online with a dedicated trainer.
  • Physical Training: Face to face training for individuals or groups at our venue or your premises.
  • Dedicated Training: In-house group training exclusively for your organisation at your preferred venue or via a virtual classroom.
  • Bespoke Training: Tailored the training course based on your requirements from incorporating documentation to customising case studies or adding specific modules.

Training Date | Virtual Training

  • 7-10 Mac 2022
  • 4-7 Apr 2022
  • 2-5 May 2022
  • 6-9 Jun 2022
  • 4-7 Jul 2022
  • 1-4 Aug 2022
  • 5-8 Sep 2022
  • 3-6 Oct 2022
  • 7-10 Nov 2022
  • 5-8 Dec 2022

Additional Information

  • Level: Professional
  • Training Days: 4
  • Training Hours: 3.5 hours/day
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Examination: N/A


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