Get introduced to ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system with ISO 37301 LEAD AUDITOR course.

Being an ISO 37301 certified professional allows you to help your organisation continuously meet compliance obligations. 

The internationally accepted ISO 37301:2021 is a Type A management system standard that sets out the requirements and provides guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining, and continually improving a compliance management system (CMS). ISO 37301:2021 Compliance Management Systems represent the first step in developing a framework that protects the organisation from falling victim to the many risks associated with corporate bribery and/or corruption. The standard provides organisations with a structured approach to meet all compliance obligations, i.e., requirements that they mandatorily have to comply with such as laws, regulations, court rulings, permits, licenses, as well as those that they voluntarily choose to comply with such as internal policies and procedures, codes of conduct, standards, and agreements with communities or NGOs.

ISO 37301 can be applied to all organisations, regardless of the activity’s size, nature, or complexity. CMS is based on integrity, good governance, proportionality, transparency, accountability, and sustainability. ABAC®, powered by CRI Group, is designed to assist in developing processes and systems that help your organisation effectively manage compliance risks and foster a system-wide culture of business integrity. Our experts are willing to assist you in the process of obtaining an ISO 37301 credential and developing your career skills.

Enhance your knowledge and advance your career by participating in our ISO 37301 LEAD AUDITOR training course


Why should you pursue a certification in ISO 37301?

By attending one of our ISO 37301 training courses, you have the opportunity to develop your competence in order to help organisations meet their compliance obligations.

  • ISO 37301 Introduction training course is appropriate for professionals who want to have a brief and general understanding of ISO 37301 requirements for a CMS
  • ISO 37301 Transition training course is appropriate for professionals who are already acquainted with ISO 19600 and want to update their knowledge.
  • ISO 37301 Foundation training course is appropriate for entry-level professionals and members of a compliance team. This two-day training course familiarizes you with ISO 37301 requirements and guidance for a compliance management system.
  • ISO 37301 Lead Implementer is a five-day training course that allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to implement a CMS in an organization, based on the requirements and guidance of ISO 37301.
  • ISO 37301 Lead Auditor is also a five-day training course which aims to improve your professional capabilities to audit a CMS based on ISO 37301, in compliance with the guidelines for auditing management systems provided in ISO 19011 and the certification process described in ISO/IEC 17021-1.

Who should attend the course?

ABAC® ISO 37001 Lead Auditor training course is intended for:

  • Auditors seeking to perform and lead ABMS audits
  • Managers or consultants seeking to master the ABMS audit process
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining conformity to ISO 37001 requirements in an organization
  • Technical experts seeking to prepare for an ABMS audit
  • Expert advisors in anti-bribery management



Learning objectives

This ABAC® training course enables you to:

  • Understand the main concepts of an ABMS and its processes based on ISO 37001
  • Understand the auditor’s role in planning, leading, and following up on an ABMS audit in accordance with ISO 19011
  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 37001 in the context of an ABMS audit
  • Plan an audit, lead a team of auditors, draft nonconformity reports, and follow up on an audit
  • Act with due professional care during an audit
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Educational Approach

This training course is participant centered and contains:

  • Essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes
  • Interaction between participants by means of questions and suggestions

Additional Information


Benefits of implementing ISO 37301 in an organisation

By implementing a CMS based on ISO 37301, organisations will be able to:

  • Undergo a formal third-party conformity assessment for their CMS
  • Develop a positive culture of compliance
  • Quickly and effectively address compliance concerns
  • Protect their reputation and safeguard their integrity by preventing and detecting unethical conduct
  • Improve business opportunities and sustainability
  • Carefully consider requirements and expectations of internal and external interested parties
  • Develop strong and valuable relationships with regulators
  • Increase the confidence of third parties in the organisation’s capacity to achieve sustained success
  • Build customer trust and loyalty
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Your business, whether public or private should strongly consider ISO certification (ISO 31000, ISO 19600, and/or ISO 37001). Any of these processes would provide full assurance that you succeeded in establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving your Anti-Bribery Management System – ABMS (as per the ISO 37001 standard requirements), your Risk Management (as per the ISO 31000 standard requirements) and your Compliance Management System (as per the ISO 19600 standard requiremets). Any of the standards require organisations to implement procedures on a reasonable and proportionate basis according to the type and size of the organisation, and the nature and extent of risks faced. It applies to small, medium and large organisations in the public and private sector and can be implemented in any country.


  • We are a UKAS and EIAC accredited certification body (ISO 37001 ABMS)
  • No hidden fees such as expenses or management fees
  • Friendly, experienced auditors who work efficiently to minimise downtime & write reports in plain language
  • 30 years of experience with offices worldwide
  • Save time & money with our multi-standard auditors


Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)^ is available for the training programmes. Special corporate rates will be offered to companies upon inquiry, subjected to terms and conditions. Please contact our dedicated training specialist at / +6014 328 0331 for ready consultations now!

Management SystemsCPD PointsCourse CodeCourse FeeDuration (Days)JULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC
ISO 37310 CMS AwarenessABAC
1 day15
ISO 37310 CMS FoundationABAC
2 days19-2023-2421-2218-19
ISO 37310 CMS Lead Implementer
(Certification Programme)
4 days9-127-10
Lead Implementer
Examination Fee
1 dayOpen All Year
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Internationally recognised, ABAC certifications represent peer recognition of an individual’s professional capabilities to contribute in an organisation’s CMS, as an auditor, implementer, or CMS implementation team member.

You have concluded ISO 373001 Introduction course? Not a problem, check our other training courses below and find the one that suits you best:

ISO 37301 Transition

See the differences between the ISO 19600 recommendations and ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system.

  • You may already be familiar with ISO 19600 guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining, and improving an effective and responsive compliance management system (CMS). Due to increased interest in ensuring organisations’ accountability and responsibility, this standard has been replaced by ISO 37301, a Type A management system standard against which organisations can formally assess and certify their CMS.
  • The ISO 37301 Transition training course enables you to obtain a detailed understanding of the differences between ISO 37301 and ISO 19600 by making clause-by-clause comparisons to showcase the changes, updates, and new requirements of ISO 37301. As such, you should be able to support an organisation in transitioning their CMS from ISO 19600 recommendations to ISO 37301 requirements.

ISO 37301 Foundation

ABAC Certified ISO 37301 Foundation training course presents the basic concepts of compliance and the requirements of ISO 37301 for a compliance management system (CMS). In this training course, you will learn about the various aspects of a CMS, including the:

  • compliance policy,
  • compliance culture,
  • compliance risk assessment,
  • operational controls,
  • performance measurements,
  • leadership and commitment,
  • internal audit,
  • management review, and
  • continual improvement.

After completing the training course, you can sit for the exam. If you successfully pass the exam, you can apply for the “ISO 37301 Lead Implementer”. An internationally recognised “ABAC ISO 37301 Foundation” certificate demonstrates that you have the necessary professional capabilities to be part of an ISO 37301 CMS implementation project.

ISO 37301 Lead Implementer

Develop the competence necessary for the establishment, implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of a compliance management system based on ISO 37301.

ISO 37301 Lead Auditor

Acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct audits of compliance management systems based on ISO 37301 and the guidelines for auditing management systems provided in ISO 19011 and the certification process presented in ISO/IEC 17021-1.


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