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The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Certified Clients adhere to the requirements of ABAC Certification policy for use of ABAC Certification logo and Management System Certification Mark; Accreditation symbols and Certification statements.
This policy is applicable to all ABMS certificates issued and Management System Certification Mark provided by ABAC Certification. The same requirements are applicable for the use of the certification mark on electronic documentation (i.e. websites).

Responsibility and contractual obligation
  • It is the responsibility of all Certified clients to comply with the requirements provided in this policy.
  • Certified Clients are responsible to use the certificate and/or the Management System Certification Mark(s) provided by ABAC Certification in manner that will not bring ABAC Certification, and/or the Accreditation Body, and/or the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust.
  • Certified Clients are responsible to make true statements about their scope of certification and shall refrain from making any statements that ABAC Certification may consider to be misleading or unauthorized.
  • It is the contractual obligation of Certified Clients, to ensure correct use of the Certificate, Management System Certification Mark or accreditation mark.
Use of ABAC Certification Logo/ Certificate and Management System Certification Mark
  • Granting of ABAC Certification Logo: Upon granting the Certificate, ABAC Certification will provide its Certified Clients with the relevant ABAC Certification Logo. The ABAC Certification Logo is a registered trade mark and shall only be granted once the decision for award of certificate is made by the Certification Committee.
  • Permissible Use of ABAC Certification Logo:
  • Certified clients may utilize the ABAC Certification Logo in communication media such as the internet, brochures, letter paper, envelopes, business cards and certain packaging.
When permitted, the ABAC Certification Logo can be used in conjunction with the relevant accreditation symbol
  • When displayed in conjunction with the accreditation mark(s), ABAC Certification Logo may only be reproduced in specification provided by ABAC Certification (ABAC Certification Logo: CRI-WI-004)
  • ABAC Certification logo may be used without the accreditation mark(s). The reproduction of ABAC Certification logo will be in the predominant color of the letterhead or printing. The Logo may only be reproduced on a clearly contrasting background.
  • If the scope of certification does not include all products and/or services provided by the organization, and/or all locations/facilities of the organization, the material bearing the Management System Certification Mark shall not suggest that all products/services/sites/locations of the organization are covered by the scope of certification.
  • The Management System Certification Mark(s) cannot be altered or modified. However, it may be resized, provided the proportions of the entire mark are maintained and all features of the mark are clearly distinguishable. When the Management System Certification Mark as provided includes an accreditation number, the number is part of the mark and cannot be removed from the mark.
  • Scope of Certification: Use of the ABAC Certification Logo or Accreditation Body marks is limited to the scope as stated on the certificate. The accreditation mark may be used only for business purposes and only on documents for business correspondence and in an advertising context. Neither the ABAC Certification Logo nor the accreditation symbol shall be used on a product or evidence of service provision or in such a way as to suggest that ABAC Certification and/or the Accreditations Body have certified / registered or approved or endorsed any product, process, or service of a certified / registered organization, or in any misleading manner. Neither the ABAC Certification Logo nor the accreditation mark shall be used on test, calibration or inspection reports.
  • Electronic Certificates: Electronic certificates issued by ABAC Certification cannot be altered or modified. They will be used as provided, by the Certified Clients, for publicity/promotional and/or printing purposes without the need to be watermarked or marked as controlled/ copy of the original.
  • Paper version of Certificates: Photocopies or electronic copies of original “paper” versions of the certificates may be in full color and need to be watermarked or otherwise marked as being a copy of the original.
  • Non transferability of Management System Certification Mark: The use of the ABAC Certification logo is limited to legally registered organizations and must not, without the express permission of ABAC Certification, be transferred to third parties or successors or be the subject of an assignment or a sale or of any sort of enforced measure.
  • Multisite organization certified: For multiple-site organizations, the ABAC Certification Logo shall only be used in conjunction with the organization’s name and location that gained certification.
  • Part of organization/process certified: For a certificate holder that gained certification for only a portion of their manufacturing processes, products or services, claims of certification must be specific and not provide the impression of “organization-wide” certification.
  • Restriction of labelling of products: The ABAC Certification Logo may not be used for the labelling of individual products or evidence of service provision, or in intimate association with the products or services in a manner that suggests that the products or services themselves are certified / registered or endorsed by ABAC Certification. The certification mark only applies to management system certification.
  • Reduction in scope: Upon a reduction of the scope of certification, the client shall amend all advertising material referring to its certification to properly reflect the reduced scope.
  • Restriction on use during Suspension: Under suspension, the client’s management system certificate is temporarily invalid. During the suspension the client shall refrain from any further promotion of its certification. ABAC Certification shall make the suspension information publicly accessible. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to suspension and/or withdrawal of the client’s certification.
  • Withdrawal or Termination of Certification: If certification is withdrawn in accordance with the certification requirements of ABAC Certification, the certificate holder loses the right to use the Management System Certification Mark. The Certified Client shall discontinue its use of all advertising material that contains a reference to certification, and take actions as required and directed by ABAC Certification.
  • Unauthorized or Misuse of Accreditation Body/ ABAC Certification Logo and Management System Certification Mark: In case of accreditation and certification marks usage abuse, ABAC Certification will be forced to apply safeguard measures. Such identification measures and procedures will result from false presentation of certification status or misleading actions towards third parties. Disregarding and not correcting observed misuse can ultimately lead to suspension and withdrawal of certificates. Marks, Logos and Symbols shall not be used by the certified organization in a misleading manner that gives the impression that certified organization is certified or certified for items not within the scope of certification. This includes misleading advertising, websites etc.
  • Grace Period: The right to use the Management System Certification Mark ceases on expiration date of the certification. If the right to use the mark ceases, the Certified Client may continue to use existing documents, media etc., which include the mark for not more than one month from the date of the expiration.        

The right to use the Management System Certification Mark may also cease in the event of intentional or grossly negligent violation of the terms of these regulations. In such event, the Certified Client may continue to use existing documents, media etc., which include the mark for not more than one week from the date of the expiration.

Management System Certification Mark:
The Accredited Management System Certification Mark will be displayed in the following manner (example only):
Refer to Note 1 for guidance:
Note 1
  1. ABMS xxxx- is the unique Certificate number issued by ABAC Certification and displayed on the Certificate. The certification number shall be printed centrally under the ABAC Certification Logo.
  2. 0000- Related to the Accreditation number issued to ABAC Certification by UKAS for the specific scheme for which the accreditation has been granted. The accreditation number shall be printed centrally under the appropriate national accreditation symbol.
  3. Rectangle Height: the minimum height for the complete rectangle is 30mm. It must never be displayed smaller than this. The maximum height for the complete rectangle is 45mm.
  4. Disclaimer: In case of limitation in scope, there should be a clear disclaimer alongside the Management System Certification Mark detailing the extent/limitation of certification- “Our ABMS (example) certification is limited to those activities described on the scope of our Certificate found here”
Use of ISO Marks
ISO does not permit anyone to use the ISO logo in connection with certification. The ISO logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone outside of ISO, unless authorized. As ISO does not perform certification or accreditation it would be misleading to allow its logo to be used in this way.
Use of accreditation body marks
When permitted, the Certified Client is only authorized to use the accreditation marks provided by ABAC Certification and appearing on the certificates issued to the client by ABAC Certification. Specific rules pertaining to the use of the accreditation body marks by certified clients are available here[HK1]

Compliance to the Policy:
  • The compliance of this policy will be monitored at surveillance and certificate renewal assessments by ABAC Certification audit team.
  • Any misuse of the certificate, Management System Certification Mark or accreditation by the client may result in suspension or withdrawal of the certification by ABAC Certification. Read more about our policy for suspension or withdrawal of the ABMS certification here.
If you have any questions as to whether your proposed use of the certification marks/logos on an advertisement, brochure or other promotional material is in compliance with these guidelines, please send a sample to Scheme Manager at huma.k@abacgroup.com for review.
Managing Director ABAC Center of Excellence Limited
Doc# CRI-POL-014, Rev. 0.0, Date 02-04-2019

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