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Meet Huma Khalid

October 28, 2020

Huma Khalid (CFE, CCEP-I, ICA, LA ABMS/CMS/ISMS/GDPR), currently designated as Scheme Manager, is responsible for leading Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Center of Excellence (ABAC CoE) and specifically, how ABAC CoE delivers on its commitment to counter Bribery and Corruption. Huma’s responsibilities include planning and overseeing all aspects of the ABAC CoE programs, which include Certification Training and Certification assurance programs. Additionally, Huma is overseeing the Compliance Department for the implementation, management and internal audit of CRI Group’s and ABAC CoE’s compliance program consistent with regulatory requirements and executive management’s commitment to maintaining an ethical culture and a high standard of compliance.


e: Huma.k@ABACgroup.com | LinkedIn