Manage risks at every step with ISO 31000 risk management training!

Improving your and/or your team’s skills in implementing ISO 31000 Risk Management will help organisations see both the positive opportunities and negative consequences associated with risk, and allow for more informed, and thus more effective, decision making, namely in the allocation of resources. This standard can be an active component in improving an organisation’s governance and, ultimately, its performance.

This course is intended for risk, compliance and finance managers and professionals, looking to expand their understanding of risk management, and ISO 31000 auditors, wanting to know to more about the standard implementation. Develop your knowledge at the time that suits you and your team best – our platform is user-friendly and provides 24/7 access during the designated course material access days.

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Our risk management training will engage you with thought-provoking activities and assessments. The course helps users to learn everything that a risk management auditor should be aware about before auditing a risk management system. After the course, you and/or your team will be able to recognise, evaluate, assess and treat risk with the confidence. The ISO 31000 Risk Management Training provides the best knowledge of Risk Management Requirements based on ISO 31000:2018 as well as ISO 31010:2019 for Risk assessment. 


ABAC™ offers ISO 31000 Risk Management implementation as a part of the suite of risk management services and solutions. ISO 31000 aims to simplify risk management into a set of clearly understandable and actionable guidelines, that should be straightforward to implement, regardless of the size, nature, or location of a business. ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management provides principles, framework and a process for managing risk. Implementing ISO 31000:2018 can help organisations increase the likelihood of achieving objectives, improve the identification of opportunities and threats and effectively allocate and use resources for risk treatment.


Leverage ISO 31000:2018 to improve your business continuity management program...

Implementing ISO 31000:2018 standard means that you are protecting your organisation from potential risks that could endanger the operational efficiency, governance, and stakeholders’ confidence. It will help strengthen and achieve the strategic objectives of your organisation by establishing a risk-based system of values whilst ensuring the consistency and the effectiveness of management across all its areas such as IT, HR, compliance, quality, health and safety, business continuity, etc. .

Enable your organisation to:

  • Enhance risk management will support achieving goals & objectives
  • Reduce costs through proper risk management
  • Respond to change effectively
  • Create & protect value & find viable solutions
  • Increase the likelihood of achieving objectives
  • Productively identify the opportunities & threats
  • Identify & mitigate the risk throughout the organisation
  • Create a consistent basis for decision making & planning
  • Gain stakeholder confidence & trust

MORE ABOUT ISO 31000 RISK MANAGEMENT online training course

The course is intended to prepare attendees on how to mitigate risk, and provide them with the skills and knowledge to help their businesses implement and manage risk as outlined in ISO 31000.


  • Risk managers and consultants looking to help an organisation implement ISO 31000
  • ISO 31000 auditors wanting to understand the process of Risk Management implementation
  • CxO and Senior Managers in charge of Risk Management for an enterprise
  • Business Process Owners
  • Business Finance Managers
  • Regulatory Compliance Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Individuals managing information security or conformity within an organisation
  • Duration: 32 hours
  • Price: USD 1450
  • Material access: 30 days
  • Category: Risk Management
  • Level: Foundation
  • Examination: Yes
  • Eligibility: No prior requirements
  • After the Assignment evaluation, the respective certificate will be issued in 5 working days


  • Develop the skillsets, tools, techniques and attributes to recognise, analyse, treat and manage risks across your organisation
  • Understand the scope of ISO 31000
  • Examine the risk management principles
  • Add value to your risk management process
  • Remain compliant to the International Standard for Risk Management
  • Build your stakeholders confidence by identifying and managing organisational risks


  • Understand the concept of risk as the uncertainty on objectives
  • Understand risk management principles, framework and process in the context of a Risk Management System
  • Appreciate the value of ISO 31000 as the benchmark for best practice in managing risk
  • Apply ISO 31000 principles, framework, and processes to your business and/or industry


  • Understand the basics of the concepts, approaches, standards, methods and techniques for the effective implementation of Risk Management
  • Develop the necessary presentation & leadership skills enabling you to communicate your Risk Management findings to all levels & all stakeholders
  • Determine your organisation’s appetite& tolerance for risk
  • Understand the basics of how Risk Management relate to crisis management, business continuity & other key business areas

The ISO 31000 risk management training course can be held at your premises, a venue of your choice or online on your preferred date. The course includes activities that allow your team to discuss the risks within your organisation and how to mitigate these. For more on a tailored package contact us now!

BENEFITS OF ISO 31000:2018

One of the goals for most organisation is to achieve their business objectives while also protecting their assets. ISO 31000 helps them do just that, by guiding the implementation of an effective risk management strategy. This also helps the entity foster a risk management culture, communicating to employers, stakeholders and others that the organisation is proactive in mitigating risk reducing the incidence of corruption and other negative factors. When implemented and maintained in accordance with this Standard, the management of risk enables all organisations to, for example:

  • Increased likelihood of achieving objectives
  • Compliance with all relevant legal & regulatory requirements & international norms
  • Encouraged proactive management
  • Improved the identification of opportunities & threats
  • Enhance health & safety performance as well as environmental protection
  • Enhance the company’s reputation & gain competitive advantage in competitive bidding for commercial tenders
  • Improve organisational resilience
  • Minimise losses
  • Improve governance
  • Improved mandatory & voluntary reporting
  • Enhance the company’s reputation & gain competitive advantage in competitive bidding for commercial tenders
  • Improved stakeholder confidence & trust
  • Effective allocation & use of resources for risk treatment
  • Improve loss prevention & incident management
  • Improve organisational learning
  • Improve financial reporting
  • Improve operational effectiveness & efficiency
  • Encourage proactive management
  • Guidance for internal or external audit programmers
  • Achieve compatible risk management practices between organisations & nations
  • Awareness of the need to identify & treat risk throughout the organisation
  • Improved controls
  • Be aware of the need to identify & treat risk throughout the organisation
  • Establish a reliable basis for decision making & planning
  • Increase public confidence in the organisation by demonstrating your management capabilities in protecting the business from internal & external threats
  • It is a clear indicator to your customers, & other stakeholders that as an organisation, you are committed to managing risks in every part of your business.
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Your business, whether public or private should strongly consider ISO certification (ISO 31000, ISO 19600, and/or ISO 37001). Any of these processes would provide full assurance that you succeeded in establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving your Anti-Bribery Management System – ABMS (as per the ISO 37001 standard requirements), your Risk Management (as per the ISO 31000 standard requirements) and your Compliance Management System (as per the ISO 19600 standard requiremets). Any of the standards require organisations to implement procedures on a reasonable and proportionate basis according to the type and size of the organisation, and the nature and extent of risks faced. It applies to small, medium and large organisations in the public and private sector and can be implemented in any country.


  • We are a UKAS and EIAC accredited certification body (ISO 37001 ABMS)
  • No hidden fees such as expenses or management fees
  • Friendly, experienced auditors who work efficiently to minimise downtime & write reports in plain language
  • 30 years of experience with offices worldwide
  • Save time & money with our multi-standard auditors

Learn more with our ISO 31000 Playbook

ISO 31000 Risk Management - A guide to identify, analyse and mitigate risk: Playbook: How to Implement ISO 31000 standard

A guide to identify, analyse and mitigate risk

Risk management is a full-time, ongoing endeavour for organisations in today’s business world, and it poses constant challenges. The first part of reducing risk is having a strategy, and taking action. We developed this Playbook to help you do exactly that. This playbook covers everything you need to know about ISO 31000:2018; here’s a quick rundown of the playbook structure:

  • What is ISO 31000? and Why is this Standard a good idea?
  • Why was it revised? and What are the main differences?
  • What are the benefits for my business?
  • Principles of ISO 31000:2018
  • ISO 31000 framework
  • Who is the standard for?
  • How do we get started?


Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)^ is available for the training programmes. Special corporate rates will be offered to companies upon inquiry, subjected to terms and conditions. Please contact our dedicated training specialist at / +6014 328 0331 for ready consultations now!


Management Systems CPD Points Course Code Course Fee Duration (Days) JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC
Introduction & Key Concepts of
ISO 371000 Risk Management
24 22 19 24

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