ISO 37301 Training – Compliance Management Systems (CMS)

ISO 37301 Training. ISO 37301 is a Type A management system standard that sets out the requirements and provides guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining, and continually improving a compliance management system (CMS). A CMS offers organisations with a structured approach to meet all compliance obligations, i.e., requirements that they mandatorily must comply with such as laws, regulations, court rulings, permits, licenses, as well as those that they voluntarily choose to comply with such as internal policies and procedures, codes of conduct, standards, and agreements with communities or NGOs.

ISO 37301 can be applied to all organisations, regardless of the activity’s size, nature, or complexity. CMS is based upon the principles of integrity, good governance, proportionality, transparency, accountability, and sustainability. ABAC®, powered by CRI Group, is designed to assist in developing processes and systems that help your organisation effectively manage compliance risks and foster a system-wide culture of business integrity. Comply with confidence with ISO 37301!

As with most management system standards, ISO 37301 also follows the high-level structure (HLS) developed by ISO. The HLS structure defines the common terminology and definitions used and the clause sequence (1 to 10), where the requirements for the CMS are set out in clauses 4 to 10. The HLS enables organisations to integrate various management systems, meaning that organisations can either adopt a CMS as a stand-alone management system or integrate it with other existing management systems.

Why is ISO 37301 Compliance Management Systems imperative to your organisation?

For organisations seeking growth and long-term success, consistently adhering to compliance obligations is a must, not an option. A CMS based on the requirements and guidance of ISO 37301 equips organisations with a set of tools (policies, processes, and controls) that allows them to establish and maintain a culture of compliance.

Organisations with a CMS based on ISO 37301 commit to sound norms of corporate governance, good practices, and ethical conduct. However, the CMS cannot eliminate the risk of non-compliance. In this regard, ISO 37301’s requirements and guidance improve the organisation’s ability to identify and respond to non-compliance. In some jurisdictions, the existence of a CMS can be an indicator of the organisation’s due diligence and commitment to compliance which may be useful in limiting legal liability and lowering penalties for infringements of relevant laws.

ISO 37301 includes requirements that address competence, communication, and awareness. By complying with these requirements, organisations ensure that the top management’s vision is translated and embedded into the conduct of managers and employees. ISO 37301 also requires and encourages the establishment of concise and effective policies, procedures, and controls that set organisations on a path toward a compliance culture and high ethical and integrity standards.

ISO 37301 outlines the quest toward compliance, setting the tone at the organisation’s top. The organisation’s governing body and top management’s commitment toward a good compliance culture is articulated through a compliance policy and the setting of compliance objectives at various levels. In addition, the governing body and top management are also required to show leadership and commitment by providing the necessary resources, establishing a compliance function, defining the roles and responsibilities and so on. Above all, the governing body and top management should actively and visibly demonstrate their commitment to the CMS through their actions and decisions.

By implementing a CMS based on ISO 37301, organisations will be able to:

  • Undergo a formal third-party conformity assessment for their CMS
  • Develop a positive culture of compliance
  • Quickly and effectively address compliance concerns.
  • Protect their reputation and safeguard their integrity by preventing and detecting unethical conduct
  • Improve business opportunities and sustainability
  • Carefully consider the requirements and expectations of internal and external interested parties.
  • Develop strong and valuable relationships with regulators
  • Increase the confidence of third parties in the organisation’s capacity to achieve sustained success
  • Build customer trust and loyalty

ISO 37301 Training Courses

Being an ABAC® ISO 37301 certified professional gives you the opportunity to help your organisation continuously meet compliance obligations. Enhance your knowledge and advance your career by participating in our ABAC® ISO 37301 training courses.

Internationally recognised, ABAC® certifications represent peer recognition of an individual’s professional capabilities to contribute to an organisation’s CMS as an auditor, implementer, or CMS implementation team member. By attending one of our ABAC® ISO 37301 training courses, you can develop your competence to help organisations meet their compliance obligations.

ISO 37301 Awareness Course

This course is suitable for professionals who want a brief and general understanding of ISO 37301 requirements for a CMS.


ISO 37301 Foundation Course

This course is suitable for entry-level professionals and members of a compliance team. This two-day training course familiarises you with ISO 37301 requirements and guidance for CMS.


ISO 37301 Lead Implementer Course

This course is a five-day training following examination that allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to implement a CMS in an organisation, based on ISO 37301 requirements.


Training Mode

ABAC® provide several training delivery options based on your suitability:

  • Virtual Training: Interactive virtual classroom conducted online with a dedicated trainer.
  • Physical Training: Face to face training for individuals or groups at our venue or your premises.
  • Dedicated Training: In-house group training exclusively for your organisation at your preferred venue or via a virtual classroom.
  • Bespoke Training: Tailored the training course based on your requirements from incorporating documentation to customising case studies or adding specific modules.

ISO 37001 CMS Training Calendar 2022 (Virtual Training)

For physical, dedicated or bespoke training schedule, kindly contact our Training Specialist – Suhaimi Saad, for consultation.

ISO 37301 Introduction (Awareness)

  • 11-12 Jan
  • 7-8 Feb
  • 15-16 Mac
  • 20-21 Apr
  • 11-12 May
  • 1-2 Jun
  • 12-13 Jul
  • 9-10 Aug
  • 13-14 Sep
  • 18-19 Oct
  • 15-16 Nov
  • 6-7 Dec

ISO 37301 Foundation

  • 11-13 Jan
  • 15-17 Mac
  • 11-13 May
  • 12-14 Jul
  • 13-15 Sep
  • 15-17 Nov

ISO 37301 Lead Implementer

  • 21-25 Feb
  • 23-27 May
  • 22-26 Aug
  • 21-25 Nov

ISO 37301 Lead Implementer Examination

  • Open all year

CPD Compliance and attribution of CPD points

As a provisional Lead Auditor, you must earn a minimum of 20 credit hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every 12 months. You are required to submit evidence of CPD compliance within 12 months of the date of your certificate on an annual basis.

Breakdown of CPD

  • CPD units must be fraud, compliance or ethics related to being considered relevant for compliance.
  • Non-accredited training can be granted CPD, but on case to case basis, based on their relevance to the certificate issued.

Ways to submit CPD

Noncompliance for submission of CPD

  • If you do not submit CPD as per the deadline, your credential will be placed into Suspension. During Suspension, you are restricted to claim status as Provisional Lead Auditor.
  • Suspension can be resolved by submitting the required CPD via website or email. However, if the Suspended status remains for more than one year, the certificate will be revoked, and you will be required to retake the Lead Auditor Exam.

“Suhaimi is very capable of sharing his experience and wisdom. His vast experience and ability to connect to the real world is what we are looking for – beyond google search and books, therefore he is another feather in ABAC cap as a training provider that other institutes may not be able to offer. Approachable and able to guide participants efficiently and professionally. Thank you, ABAC for offering this course. All the best to the top leadership.”

Balakrishnan Rajagopal
ISO 37001 ABMS Lead Auditor Course

“Trainers are well knowledgeable, extremely helpful besides, simple, and concise manner. Superb! hopefully, can meet in the physical training after covid”

Mohd Nurrahmad Shah Ahmad Tajuddin
ATS Oilfield Supply & Services Sdn Bhd (ATS)
ISO 37001 ABMS Awareness Course

ISO 37301 Training Courses

Introduction (Awareness)


Lead Implementer

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