ABAC Certification is a customer focused organisation that is committed to providing a Management System Certification services in an impartial manner that fulfils the requirements ISO/IEC 17021 and meets, or where possible exceeds the needs and expectations of our clients, stakeholders, other interested parties and satisfies all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We recognise that our future success, and that of our clients, will grow from a strong foundation of enlightened and motivated team members who value loyalty, integrity and service in equal parts

ABAC Certification’s operating philosophy embraces several key principles to which we adhere:

  • We will demonstrate integrity in everything that we do
  • We will provide the highest level of service to our clients
  • We will deliver excellence in the accuracy and quality of our work
  • We will continuously seek to improve every facet of our business
  • We will provide ongoing opportunities for our professionals to learn, grow, advance and succeed
  • We will staunchly protect the privacy and security of our clients
  • We will comply with the relevant principles governing data protection wherever we operate
  • We will foster a workplace environment centred on team work and respect
  • We will be socially responsible in all of our operations

Top Management are fully committed to the continual improvement of the organisation’s Management System which shall be subjected to periodic review to verify its suitability and effective operation to ensure the realisation of the company Quality objectives.

Top Management are committed to establishing and implementing quality objectives at relevant functions, levels and processes, these quality objectives shall:

  • Be consistent with our philosophy and this Quality Policy.
  • Be measurable.
  • Consider all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Be relevant to our certification service to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Monitored and updated as and when required.
  • Be applied throughout the organisation.

This operating philosophy and quality policy shall be reviewed by Top Management on an annual basis as a minimum, to ensure it remains appropriate to the purpose and context of ABAC Certification.

This quality policy is communicated to all employees and is available to clients and other interested parties via the company website.



Managing Director ABAC Center of Excellence Limited
CRI-POL-001, Rev. 1.0, Date 04-10-2018