Under Standards Malaysia accredited scheme, ABAC® Certification Certified Clients are requested to ensure that they comply with the requirements set out in this Policy.

Certified Clients may:

  • Use the Standards Malaysia Accreditation Symbol (hereinafter referred to as “the ACB Symbol”) only in conjunction with ABAC® Certification Logo on the organization’s subject to Standards Malaysia’s and ABAC® Certification’s conditions for use for the logos and symbols. ACB Symbol can be used by accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies, on advertising / publicity materials mentioned below:
    1. Newspaper/ newsletters/ annual reports/ Press releases
    2. Business card (staff of Accredited Bodies only)
    3. Brochures & Flyers/ Leaflets/ organization publications/ pocket folders/ booklets
    4. Branded Envelopes, Letterhead and Postcards, Stickers, memo pads, Fax cover sheet
    5. Books/ notebooks
    6. Calendars and promotional products/ Promotional Apparel
    7. Posters & Banners/ Pop-up banners
    8. Websites
    9. Social media
    10. Video: e.g. YouTube, etc.
    11. Emails (Template Signature)
    12. All electronic materials and documents (PowerPoint presentations, PDF Files, Training materials, study and exams materials)
    13. Sign tag board
    14. Building banners, boards and signage
    15. Billboards
    16. Vehicles (only for accredited ABAC® Certification vehicles)

    (The terms “publicity material” shall not include notices, labels, documents or written announcements affixed to or otherwise appearing on goods or products unless the goods or products have been manufactured under an accredited product conformity scheme. This restriction shall also apply to primary (e.g. Blister packs) packaging and promotional products.)

  • May use the ABAC® Logo and ACB Symbol for the scope mentioned on the Certificate. There should be clarity to the extent/ limitations of the scope which has been granted certification.
  • ACB Symbol shall not be used in any way that might mislead the reader about the status of an accredited ABAC® Certification.

Certified Client may not:

  • Use the ACB Symbol shall not be used on products or packaging (both primary and secondary), and laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates, as such reports or certificates are deemed to be products in this context. The marks shall also not be used on flags, vehicles and the exterior walls of buildings.
  • Use the ACB Symbol in isolation from ABAC® Certification Logo.
  • Use the ACB Symbol in a misleading manner that gives the impression that Certified Client is certified for items not within the scope of certification. This includes misleading advertising, websites etc. In case of limitation, there should be a clear disclaimer alongside Management System Certification Logo detailing the extent/limitation of certification- “Our ABMS (example) certification is limited to those activities described on the scope of our Certificate found here”

While reproducing ACB Symbol, the following requirements will be followed by the Certified Clients:

  • The ACB Symbol is as shown in Figure 1. It shall be reproduced and shall be reprinted according to the following specifications:
    1. in colors coding as shown in Figure 2; or
    2. in black and white as shown in Figure 3; or
    3. in a size for any uniformly enlarged or reduced, which make all the words of the ACB Symbol clearly distinguishable.
  • When used on paper, it may also be embossed or stamped
  • The ACB Symbol will always be placed on the right-hand side of ABAC® Certification logo.
  • The size of the ACB Symbol shall be no more prominent that ABAC® Certification Logo.


  1. XX refers to acronym of accreditation programme (e.g QS, EMS);
  2. DDMMYYYY refers to the date of accreditation granted (For accreditation granted for Quality Management Systems prior to 2015, the date refers to the expiry date of the first cycle);
  3. CB refers to certification body;
  4. 00 sequential number of accredited certification body

Management System Certification Mark (example only)

The minimum height for the complete rectangle is 30mm and maximum height for the complete rectangle is 45mm when used on stationery up to size A4. On larger items, the size may be increased proportionately.

The ABAC® Certification Logo is used as an example of format. More information on use of ABAC® Certification logo and Management System Certification Mark is available here.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact Scheme Manager, Huma Khalid at huma.k@abacgroup.com



Managing Director ABAC® Center of Excellence Limited

Doc# CRI-POL-006(d), Rev. 0.0, Date 01-08-2019