The purpose of the Retention of Clients Records Policy is to ensure that all employees, committee members, contractors, personnel of external bodies or individuals working on behalf of ABAC Certification understand the company’s requirements in relation to the management of client records.

This policy outlines the basics of ABAC Certifications approach to the recording, release and retention of information in relation to its clients. We recognize and respect each client’s right to privacy and confidentiality in all aspects of its business. Recognition is given to the fact that client records are legal documents and are an integral component of service delivery. This policy is further supported by internal confidentiality policies CRI-POL-003 and procedural control defined in CRI-GMP-002 Control of Records.

It is ABAC Certifications duty to provide quality certification services to its clients. The acquisition and retention of relevant client information is essential to fulfilling this commitment.

It is the right of ABAC Certifications clients to have their confidentiality and privacy respected. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a high standard of information acquisition and recording is achieved. Client confidentiality and privacy are respected and that written and spoken information is protected from access and use by any unauthorised persons

For each client, ABAC Certification will:

  • Create individual client records.
  • Maintain documentation to a legally acceptable standard.
  • Maintain only necessary records about each client and their service provision.
  • Allow only authorized staff to have controlled access to client information/records.
  • Client records are the property of ABAC Certification, but clients may have supervised access to their own records following a written request, either by mail or electronically, and authorization by the Certification Manager.
  • Develop and maintain controls for the disclosure of client Information
  • Disclose information about a client, with or without the client’s consent, where prescribed as a legal requirement.
  • Define the record retention period

This policy shall be reviewed annually, and amendments will be proposed and agreed by the Impartiality Committee as per ISO 17021:2015.



Managing Director ABAC Center of Excellence Limited
CRI-POL-005, Rev. 1.0, Date 04-10-2018