ISO 37001 Introduction Training

ABAC® ISO 37001 Introduction training course enables you to comprehend the basic concepts of an Anti-bribery Management Systems (ABMS). By attending the ISO 37001 Introduction course, you will understand the importance of an Anti-bribery Management Systems and the benefits that businesses, society and governments can obtain. Attaining ABAC® ISO 37001 Introduction training course is the first step towards demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to implementing an effective ABMS.

Who should attend?

  • Managers and consultants wishing to develop a thorough understanding of ISO 37001 requirements for an anti-bribery management system
  • Managers and consultants seeking a comprehensive CMS implementation framework
  • Managers responsible for practising due diligence regarding bribery risks
  • Individuals wishing to contribute to maintaining organizational integrity by supporting ethical behaviour
  • Managers and members of governance, risk management, and compliance teams
  • Individuals aspiring to become anti-bribery consultants


There are no prerequisites to participate in this training course.

What are the intended measurable outcomes that you will achieve when attending the ISO 37001 Introduction Course?

  • Develop the skillsets, tools, techniques and attributes of internal auditors
  • Understand the globalisation of corruption
  • Identify the aims and benefits of an ISO 37001 Audit
  • Add value to your internal audit process
  • Understand the application of risk-based thinking, process approach, and leadership
  • Remain compliant to the International Standard for ABMS
  • Practically train personnel in auditing practices and techniques
  • Build your stakeholders confidence by identifying and managing organisational risk from bribery and corruption

ISO 37001 ABMS Introduction Course Outline

The course shall feature information regarding bribery, including consequences of bribery and defences to bribery. An overview of the regulatory framework, specifically the New Corporate Liability provision under Section 17A of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and a comparative study of Section 7 of the UK Bribery Act 2010. The course is aimed at the beginner and the person who has experience but wishes to widen their knowledge and expertise regarding the ISO 37001 Anti-bribery Management System standard.

  • Unit 1: Major case studies in bribery
    • Case study 1: Rolls Royce
    • Case study 2: Gunvor
  • Unit 2: Bribery concepts and ethics of Anti-Bribery Management
    • Introduction to bribery
    • ISO 37001 definition of bribery
    • Types of Bribery
    • Forms of Bribery
  • Unit 3: International anti-bribery regulatory frameworks
    • Introduction to the Regulatory Framework
    • Consequences of bribery
    • Defences to bribery
  • Unit 4: Overview of an Employee’s responsibility
  • Unit 5: About Section 17A
  • Unit 6: Guidelines on the adequate procedures of Section 17A

The ABAC® training course is participant centred and contains

  • Highly Interactive Session, with a bilateral approach to the subject matter, allowing participants to share incidences at respective work locations.
  • Essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes
  • Interaction between participants through questions and suggestions


  • Lecture, role play, case study, discussion, and video clips


ABAC® provide several training delivery options based on your suitability:

  • Virtual Training: Interactive virtual classroom conducted online with a dedicated trainer.
  • Physical Training: Face to face training for individuals or groups at our venue or your premises.
  • Dedicated Training: In-house group training exclusively for your organisation at your preferred venue or via a virtual classroom.
  • Bespoke Training: Tailored the training course based on your requirements from incorporating documentation to customising case studies or adding specific modules.

Schedule 2022 (Virtual Training)

  • 6-7 Jan
  • 10-11 Feb
  • 10-11 Mac
  • 7-8 Apr
  • 5-6 May
  • 9-10 Jun
  • 7-8 Jul
  • 11-12 Aug
  • 9-10 Sep
  • 7-8 Oct
  • 10-11 Nov
  • 8-9 Dec

Additional Information

  • Training Days: 2
  • Training Hours: 7 (3.5 hours/day)
  • Examination: N/A

For physical, dedicated or bespoke training schedule, kindly contact our Training Specialist – Suhaimi Saad, for consultation.

Suhaimi Saad - Orange BG

Suhaimi Saad

Training Specialist

e: | t: +6014 328 0331

Suhaimi Saad is a Learning and Development Enthusiast with a solid 30 years of experience encompassing several industries such as Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering & Construction, Information Technology, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Agribusiness. He has handled several high-end volume projects with the Prime Minister Office, corporate national and multinational companies and conducted a number of training programs including Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and the UK. One of the projects he was heavily involved with was the IC CITIZEN Certification, a program designed and developed by a Malaysia-based certification solutions company in collaboration with Certiport Inc. The mission was to promote ethical and appropriate use of technology, in response to the growing need to raise a generation of responsible and safe digital citizens. The program was very successful and received an award from the Prime Minister for the Best of e-Inclusion & e-Community MSC Malaysia APICTA 2013.

Zafar I Anjum - Orange

Zafar I. Anjum

Group CEO of CRI Group and ABAC® | Industry Expert (Co-Trainer)

e: | t: +44 7588 454959

Zafar Anjum is the founder and Group CEO at CRI Group. A global due diligence firm focused on fraud prevention and security among corporate clients, government agencies and industry groups, and its ABAC® Center of Excellence – an independent certification body established to provide certification and training in internationally recognised ISO standards for risk and compliance anti-bribery and anti-corruption management. Zafar Anjum uses his extensive knowledge and expertise in creating stable and secure networks across challenging global markets. For organisations needing comprehensive project management, security, safeguard and real-time compliance applications, he is the assurance expert of choice for industry professionals. Financier Worldwide has recently awarded Zafar Anjum as the ``Exceptional Expert`` in White Collar Crime Investigations.

Fee (Virtual Training)

Introduction (Awareness) Course
USD 190
GBP 145
MYR 750
Bundle Introduction (Awareness) Course
30% Discount
Combine all Introduction (Awareness) courses comprising ISO 37001, ISO 37301, ISO 31000 and pay at a 30% discounted price.
To enquire about physical, dedicated or bespoke training, kindly contact our team for a consultation.

Special corporate rates will be offered to the company, subject to terms and conditions.

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