CRI-POL-006(a), Rev. 2.0, Date 01-06-2021


This Policy aims to ensure that the Certified Clients adhere to the EIAC Accreditation Symbol policy requirements when using Management System Certification Mark.

This Policy applies to all clients of ABAC Certification. Certified Clients’ Responsibility and contractual obligation

  • It is the contractual obligation of all Certified clients to comply with the requirements provided in this Policy.
  • Certified Clients are responsible for using the certificate and/or the ABAC Certification Mark provided by ABAC Certification in a manner that will not bring ABAC Certification, and/or the Accreditation Body, and/or the certification system into disrepute lose public trust.
  • Certified Clients are responsible for making true statements about their scope of certification and shall refrain from making any statements that ABAC Certification may consider to be misleading or unauthorized.

Use of EIAC Symbol by ABAC Certification Clients

  • Rules and Guidelines
    Figure 1: Certification Logo

Note 1
a. ABMS XXXX- is the unique Certificate number issued by ABAC Certification. This text shall be displayed centrally under ABAC Certification Mark.
b. CB-ABMS-082 is the unique Accreditation number issued to ABAC Certification by EIAC for the specific scheme for which the accreditation has been granted. This shall be displayed centrally under the EIAC Accreditation Symbol.
c. Disclaimer: In case of limitation in scope, there should be a clear disclaimer alongside the Management System Certification Mark detailing the extent/limitation of certification- “Our ABMS (example) certification is limited to those activities described on the scope of our
Certificate found here.”

  • The Certification Logo shall be displayed and used only in the appropriate form and colour detailed in this Policy, as provided by ABAC Certification.
  • The certified client of ABAC Certification is entitled to enlarge it, if necessary, provided that the original proportion between Mark’s height and width is maintained and legible.
  • The EIAC Accreditation Symbol shall not appear in a size that makes the EIAC name unreadable, except on business cards. The minimum size for reproducing the logo in print has been specified at 25mm wide and 11mm height, while the web is 100 pixels.
  • ABAC Certification’s accreditation number is part of the Certification Logo and cannot be removed.

Following is the colour scheme of the EIAC accreditation symbol:

  • For Red color: Red: 229, Green: 26, Blue: 52
  • For Green color: Red: 0, Green: 117, Blue: 101
  • For Blue color: Red: 0, Green: 11, Blue: 140
  • For Gold colour: Red: 134, Green: 112, Blue: 77
  • For Grey color (font color): Red: 118, Green: 119, Blue: 122

The certified clients of ABAC Certification are not allowed to use IAF MLA Mark or Accredited Combined IAF MLA Mark ABAC Certification will monitor the use of the Certification logo by the certified client.

Use of ISO Marks

ISO does not permit anyone to use the ISO Mark in connection with certification. The ISO Mark is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone outside of ISO unless authorized. As ISO does not perform certification or accreditation, it would be misleading to allow its Mark to be used in this way.

Use of ABAC Certification Mark

Specific rules about the use of ABAC Certification Mark is available as under:

  • ABAC Center of Excellence

Changes to this Policy

ABAC Certification reserves the right to change these conditions at any time, notifying the Certified Client, in writing, of all changes made. The Certified Client shall comply with the said changes within the notified timeframe.

Compliance with the Policy:

  • The compliance of this Policy will be monitored at surveillance and certificate renewal assessments by the ABAC Certification audit team.
  • The EIAC Accreditation Symbol in black and white is only accepted on photocopies.
  • The embossed or die-stamped versions of the combo mark are allowed by respecting the colour scheme given above.
  • The Certification Logo shall only be used in its normal horizontal orientation. The Mark shall not be rotated, distorted, compressed or stretched in any way.
  • The Mark shall not be used on a background that will impede readability.
  • The Certification Logo shall not be used in such a way as to state, imply or suggest that Intertek and EIAC accept responsibility for any of the statements of conformity/approval.
  • The Certification Logo does not imply any certification/approval of the products tested, inspected, or certified.


  • Any misuse of the certificate, Management System Certification Mark or accreditation by the client may result in suspension or withdrawal of the certification by ABAC Certification.

If you have any questions about whether your proposed use of the certification marks/Marks on an advertisement, brochure or other promotional material complies with these guidelines, please send a sample to the Scheme Manager and marketing team for review.

  • Scheme Manager:

ZAFAR ANJUM, Group CEO | ABAC Center of Excellence Limited
Doc# CRI-POL-014(a), Rev. 2.0, Date 01-06-2021