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Under UKAS accredited scheme, ABAC Certification Certified Clients are requested to ensure that they comply with the requirements set out in this Policy.
Certified Clients may:
  • Use the UKAS accreditation logo and symbols only in conjunction with ABAC Certification Logo on the organization’s stationary and literature, and its advertising, subject to UKAS’s and ABAC Certification’s conditions for use for the logos and symbols.
Certified Client may not:
  • Use the UKAS accreditation logo and symbols on vehicles, packaging, promotional products, the exterior of buildings, or flags.
  • Place the UKAS accreditation symbol in isolation from ABAC Certification Logo.
While reproducing UKAS Accreditation symbol, the following requirements will be followed by the Certified Clients:
  • UKAS symbol may be reproduced in either black and white or if full color is used, it must be the closest possible match to the master. The Pantone color scheme is as under:
Gold = Pantone 872; Blue = Pantone Reflex Blue; Red = Pantone Warm Red; Green = Pantone 347
No other colors may be used.
  • The minimum height of UKAS symbol will be 20mm that makes all features of the UKAS Symbol distinguishable.
  • UKAS Symbol will be reproduced without distortion of its proportions and preserving the design. Only master version as obtained from ABAC Certification, including the rectangular frame, and must be used and not be modified in any way. While scaling for size, the proportions of the UKAS symbol must be maintained. Scanned copies, digital photos or photocopies will not be of enough resolution and may be in the wrong proportions.
  • The UKAS symbol will always be placed on the right-hand side of ABAC Certification logo.
  • The size of the UKAS symbol shall be no more prominent that ABAC Certification Logo.
Management System Certification (example only)
The minimum height for the complete rectangle is 30mm and maximum height for the complete rectangle is 45mm when used on stationery up to size A4. On larger items, the size may be increased proportionately.

The ABAC Certification Logo is used as an example of format. More information on use of ABAC Certification logo is available here.
For further information please do not hesitate to contact ABAC Certification Scheme Manager Huma Khalid at huma.k@abacgroup.com
Managing Director ABAC Center of Excellence Limited
Doc# CRI-POL-006(c), Rev. 2.0, Date 02-04-2019
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