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Combating corruption has increasing risen to the top of Malaysian policymakers and company agendas. Even though it has long been a prevalent issue, there is a greater awareness of the negative implications of corruption on both social and economic development. This free ebook provides an examination of Malaysia’s long history of implementing measures to tackle corruption and bribery, with cases occurring for the past four decades.

Major Bribery & Corruption Cases in Malaysia

Your free ebook further examines several real case studies that illustrate how corruption and bribery are embedded within Malaysia’s political and government institutions. As such, efforts must be made to tackle corruption effectively, with evidence suggesting that the increasing number of agencies that aim to do so are failing. However, adopting newly devised measures such as introducing corporate liability for corruption offences (into effect in June 2020) is the turning point for tackling corruption and bribery within Malaysia.

Increased efforts have been made to combat corruption nationally, regionally, and globally due to the growing concern regarding its increasing incidence and negative implications. As a result of the extensive nature of corruption and bribery, the World Bank once identified it as one of the key barriers to social and economic development. Corruption is regarded as a complex, multifaceted phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is widely defined as the abuse of public power and violation of rules for private gains. In this ebook, we will examine the following:

  • The impacts of corruption
  • How to address corruption?
  • Cases of corruption and bribery including:
    • The case of the 1MDB (2015)
    • The case of the Sabah Water Department (2010)
    • The case of the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) (2007)
    • The immigration department migrant scandal (2016)
  • How to demonstrate “Adequate Procedures” through ISO 37001 Certification
  • Find out how effective is your anti-bribery management system
  • ISO 37001 solutions to all industries

Major bribery & corruption cases in Malaysia: ABAC policies & solution

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