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Fraud Advisory Panel Partnership

September 21, 2020

The Fraud Advisory Panel is a respected, influential and independent voice of the anti-fraud community. We champion best practice in fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution, and help people and organisations to protect themselves against fraud.

Our members are drawn from all sectors – public, private and voluntary – and many different professions who are united by a common concern about fraud and a determination to do something about it.


Vision and mission

Our vision is for everyone to have access to the knowledge, skills and resources to protect against fraud.

We work to achieve this by fulfilling our charitable object as set out in our articles of association: to protect life and property by the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution and deterrence of fraud, in particular through the promotion of:

  • advice
  • education
  • collaboration
  • research.

All our activities are aimed at those actually or potentially affected by fraud.

Our activities

Volunteer members contribute an enormous amount of time, knowledge and expertise to help us carry out our often ambitious programme of activities.

Advising and informing

We advise government, business and the general public on fraud prevention, detection and reporting. Our series of self-help factsheets, Fraud Facts, covers a wide range of fraud-related topics, providing up-to-date, practical and preventative guidance for individuals and organisations alike.

Educating and training

A large part of our work is in educating business, the professions and the general public about the true threats that fraud poses and what should be done to mitigate them. We run a comprehensive programme of events for anti-fraud professionals from all sectors.

Our regional forums and interest groups bring members together regularly to share knowledge, experiences and best practice in prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution and deterrence.

We also provide fraud awareness training and support on request.

Representing and influencing

We are an important and influential voice in law reform and public policy improvement. Our contributions – including responses to government consultations on new legislation – are informed by the expertise and experience of our members.

Researching and supporting

Our programme of targeted research systematically expands understanding of the true extent, causes and nature of fraud.


“As the world's governing bodies gravitate to more stringent standards and efforts to prevent corruption, bribery and other unethical business practices, we stand ready to help companies meet and exceed those standards.”

ZAFAR ANJUMGroup Chief Executive Officer, CRI Group