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ABAC™ celebrates its fifth anniversary!

ABAC™ celebrates its fifth anniversary. With immense pleasure, the ABAC™ Center of Excellence is rejoicing its fifth anniversary in the steady combat in opposition to bribery and corruption. Ever since its founding back in 2016, ABAC™ has come a long way in terms of reaching a multitude of milestones, including registering with the PSMB to become HRDF Claimable Training Providers (TP); an accreditation that authorises ABAC™ to deliver the highest level of training services for multinational organisations pursuing to educate personnel and qualified individuals in Malaysia who are interested in progressing with their careers.

Hit by a global pandemic, there was a notable spike in HR and employee associated concerns which ABAC™ were honoured to help battle across the globe. During these trying times, ABAC™ continued with the ISO 37001 certification, in which we successfully audited and awarded clients, such as Mubadala Petroleum and UDA Holdings Berhad Group with ISO 37001 ABMS certifications. We also joined forces with the Founder and President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Malaysia division), Mr Dato’ Sri Akhbar Satar. We curated a live training session that showcased knowledge concerning bribery and explored the consequences and defences to bribery, as well as an overview of the regulatory ISO  37001 Anti-bribery Management System framework. Bribery and corruption are everybody’s problem, and they cannot be prevented and detected if your employees aren’t provided with the information and training they need to combat it.

ABAC™ is dedicated to advocating for transparency and compliance to organisations and their professional relationships; we believe that our clientele has always been an integral part of our journey and that without them, this journey would never have been possible and would like to thank them for accompanying us the whole way through our endless journey.

ABAC™ 2021 new milestones

ABAC™ is proud to be celebrating the fifth anniversary since the formation of the ABAC™ Center of Excellence. During past years, ABAC™ expanded in different regions, achieved accreditation by the world’s leading accreditation service provider, thoroughly audited and certified international clients and built relationships with local and regional organisations to strengthen the fight against bribery and corruption. ABAC™ sincerely thanks to all clients, partners and global teams for being together in this journey and wishes for many more years of continuous partnerships.

Thank you from all of us.

On A Mission To Promote Transparency And Ethics

The very first ABAC™ podcast

At ABAC™ Center of Excellence, we are committed to spreading the knowledge about the negative impact of bribery and corruption to global businesses and promoting transparent business relations across the world. Every day, we work extensively to deliver the news, whitepapers, and other insights to help organisations overcome bribery and corruption challenges and manage risks more effectively. As part of this effort, in spring 2021, we introduced our very first ABAC™ podcast, where you can listen to the insights from our team into risk, compliance, and anti-bribery anti-corruption solutions at the time and place of your convenience. Listen to the very first ABAC™ podcast series on Spotify or Anchor!

Anti-bribery, anti-corruption and risk management webinars

During the last year, ABAC™ was proud to partner up with leading organisations in Malaysia for ABAC events  – Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG)Christopher & Lee Ong, and hosted webinars on Section 17a of the MACC Malaysia Act, how to Combat Corruption, Fraud, and Economic Crime, and how to Protect Companies from the Global Corruption Pandemic.

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